Nina Bruun

We make brands communicate through aesthetics

Nina Bruun Creative Consultancy

With commercial insight, experience and personal passion we create customised solutions that determine a company’s expression and from here we guide them towards a visual wholeness. Nina Bruun Creative Consultancy is a multidisciplinary creative consultancy based in the center of Copenhagen. We work in the fields of trends, colours, product-designs, interior and graphics.

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With our extensive knowledge of color and trends, we offer customized solutions based on brand position and market scope. We help brands to improve their aesthetic impression by developing stronger color schemes and trend strategies.

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Visual Identity

We conceptualise brand values into visual and digital communication and consult on how to communicate a strong and coherent visual identity through graphic design, social media, photoshoots and interior design.

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Product Design

In addition to designing our own product-designs, we assist clients with their conceptualization, ideation and product-design invention. In close cooperation with the client, we are involved in the entire process - right from the initial brief to the finished product-design.

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